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About us

Our Mission

To be the source for eco-friendly natural yarns for personal use and home furnishings that respect our environment and enhance the lives of every one of our customers. 


We are a family business based out of Perth, Western Australia. We love the beach and spend many days both in summer and winter at the beach with our 3 beautiful children. We are inspired by nature and simple styles that exhibit subtle textures, rich colours and refined details.

Our contact details are:


Mobile: 0407 083 298

Our Community Commitment

We support special needs children charities. Our current charity of choice whom we support is Ocean Heroes, a charity set up by local West Australian surfers that aims to enhance the lives of those living with autism.

Our Products

We fell in love with the Turkish bath towels the first time we came in contact with them and we hope you will to.

Turkish towels originated from the hamam Turkish baths and have developed in to one of the most versatile and durable products from Turkey.

Turkish towels are known as hamam, pestemal/peshtamel towels and are made from the finest sourced cotton from Turkey. We work closely with the talented loom textile artisans to bring to you beautiful, unique and colourful Turkish towels.

Our towels absorb water as fast as a traditional towel, they dry quickly, take up less space, are easy to carry and are therefore used as an alternative to the traditional towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and for baby care. 

Our quest is to spread the word and benefits we have experienced using Turkish towels to everyone.